Duro-Last® Installation Process

It's not just top-notch products that set Duro-Last apart from the competition. The services Duro-Last provides to go above and beyond for our customers. Browse our installation process for a few of the different fixtures on your roof. See our world class service. Ask us questions regarding the process and our staff of professionals will be happy to answer them. Contact us or call 416-245-4545.

Duro-Last - Drain Boot

Duro-Last - Stack Flashing

Duro-Last - Carpet Rolls

Duro-Last - Two Way Vent

Duro-Last - Drain Boot

Duro-Last - Stack Flashing

Duro-Last - Curb With Skylight

Duro-Last - Stack Scupper

Duro-Last - Adhered Parapet

Duro-Last - Vinyl Coated Pitch Pan

Industrial & Commercial Roofing

Here at Core Property Solutions Inc our goal is to build an everlasting relationship with our clients as their commercial roofing contractor. Our flat commercial roofs require minimal maintenance and give your business peace of mind. Our mission statement is to deal with people who care.

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