Duro-Last® Roofing Warranties

Best-in-Class Warranties

Duro-Last leads the roofing industry with comprehensive warranty coverage. Duro-Last was the first manufacturer with a warranty that expressly covers consequential damages on commercial buildings. We work hard and stand by every square foot.

With our warranty groupings, we have a level of coverage right for any job.

  • Duro-Last Supreme Warranties
    • Offer consequential damage coverage
  • Duro-Last Ultra Warranties
    • Cover both material and labor.
    • High wind and/or hail coverage available.
  • Duro-Last Basic Warranties
  • Duro-Last Residential Warranties

Protect Your Investment

While Duro-Last Roofing Systems provide industry-leading coverage, it's important that building owners perform regular maintenance and inspections to help protect their building and roofing investment. Duro-Last provides the Protecting Your Investment brochure and Owners Maintenance Checklist to help building owners understand what they need to look for and document their maintenance activities.

Roof Problems?

If you already own a Duro-Last Roofing System, please call 416-245-4545 or click here to report an issue and request service.


Industrial & Commercial Roofing

Here at Core Property Solutions Inc our goal is to build an everlasting relationship with our clients as their commercial roofing contractor. Our flat commercial roofs require minimal maintenance and give your business peace of mind. Our mission statement is to deal with people who care.

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